Marshall’s Processing Plant: a Case Study Essay

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Marshall’s Processing Plant: a Case Study
Case Analysis 1

Marshall’s Processing Plant: a Case Study

Laura Knight

I chose the case study from chapter three, Teamwork atMarshall’s Processing Plant (Miller, 2009, p. 57-58). The case study explains that management at the processing plant would like input about getting employees to participate again in the Team Management System. The Team Management System at Marshall’s consists of teams of employees representing their job function within the plant. These teams meet once a week to discuss ways to improve production. Once a month a representative from each team of employees is chosen to attend the Marshall Team Meeting and bring issues to the table for discussion from each work group
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Marshall Team participants would be chosen randomly and every one would get at least once change to put on that “hat”. If everyone gets a chance to represent their work group and take ownership in the process participation levels will go up. There may be those who truly do not want to represent the group in this way, and they should not be forced to but management should take a moment to find out why and evaluate.

Next in examining the Likert systems, I would advise management to move from a system I or II to a system III, which by adding the Team Management System they are attempting to do anyhow. In Likert system III consultitative organization is used. In this system before decisions are made employees are consulted and their views are taken into consideration (p. 50). Some ways to incorporate the Likert system III include: letting the teams prioritize the topics. As long as management has been clear about what is not up for debate, what is should be left to the teams to prioritize. This allows the workers to discuss the issues they find the most prevalent to them as the people on the “front line”. Another way to incorporate the Likert III system is to share data. Decisions that have been shaped by the employees that actually made a positive difference for the company and its workers should be shared with the workers. Show the employees what worked- and what didn’t, and why. And finally a simple suggestion that supports System III is that

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