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“You’re gay,” a term now used so freely to not only insult peers but to take a stab at the homosexual community. But was this homosexual stigma always prevalent in history? Over two thousand years ago, the ancient Roman state ruled most of the known world. During those five hundred years, emperors rose to power and fell, a republic formed and was destroyed but what perhaps is one the most important aspects of Roman society is free love.
Homosexuality was not considered different nor was it considered an atrocity in the common roman man. In Rome, there was no special attention given to homosexuals or heterosexuals for that matter.[1]
“…Roman men were not encouraged by their cultural heritage to categorize, much less evaluate or
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Demonstrating not the hatred for the people who enjoy the act but for a man who over indulges in young boys.

Perhaps what is most interesting is the origin of the acceptance of homosexuality. Roman homosexuality in essence is an embodiment of ancient Greek culture. By conquering and assimilating Greece into itself, Rome essentially adopted the Greek, free love ideals. The ideal of Greek love is freedom of sexuality and celebration of the beauty of sexuality rather than the actual genders of the activity.[7] Roman sexuality was based on free love. The origins and reasoning of free love is less important than the actual facts, homosexuality was prevalent and acceptable within its’ own confines of masculinity.

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[3] Iphis was born a female and from praying to Isis, was transformed into a man so she could marry her beloved, a woman.
[4] The Roman Emperor Galba succeeded Nero and ended the Caesar family line in 33 BCE.
[5] (Vagrant soul, you tender one, guest and fellow of the body, Now you have to descend into places pallid and rigid and nude, Nor will you be playful as you used to be.)
[6] (The boy's cock is hurting him; your arse is hurting you, Naevolus. I'm not

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